Private Coaching

The familiarity of talking to a girlfriend;
The expert advice that will bring you results.

Sex !

Rachel H.P is a passionate sexuality educator & coach that specializes in empowering women to unleash their potential for pleasure. She uses evidence-based information to educate women about their bodies, sex & pleasure, and offers resources for you to continue education & exploration if you wish to do so. She coaches women on how to reach sexual fulfillment- whatever that means to you.

Get answers for your most intimate questions; Consult about your sex life; Find ways to reach the type of pleasure, orgasm or sexuality you desire; Explore your relationship with your body; Enjoy judgment-free real talk about the pleasure you deserve and how to get it.

100% Shame- and -judgment- free zone! No subject is too taboo. Your truth and intuition always lead the way.

Private sessions consist of virtual 60-minutes
one-on-one meetings via Google Meet with our
lead educator/coach Rachel H.P.

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The HerPleasure Workshop and Rachel HP are amazing! Rachel gives you the ins and outs of anatomy and biology & the understanding of the journey to pleasure. She creates a comfortable space to relax and enjoy the process of learning and sharing. Whether you have lots of experience or are just starting your journey I highly recommend it! 

— Emily J.

I used to think that I would never have an orgasm with a partner and that I should settle for what I was getting in my sexual encounters but I learned that I had many beliefs and fears holding me back from truly exploring myself sexually. Rachel helped me overcome my fear and I now feel like a new woman. Thank you, Rachel!

— Michelle